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Frequently asked questions
Your cover starts on the Acceptance Date. Your Policy Schedule specifies:
  • the type of cover,
  • the amount of cover,
  • the date your cover starts (the Acceptance Date),
  • the date your first premium is deducted (the Commencement Date).
Your Policy Schedule, your application, the PDS current at the time of your application, as well as any future applications accepted, form your insurance contract with us. These documents should be retained for future reference.
Your Policy will end upon the earliest of the following events:
  • the date you cancel your Policy, or
  • the date we cancel your Policy, due to non-payment of premiums.
Additionally cover under your Policy will end when you, the Life Insured, reaches a certain age, or in the event of a claim for certain benefits. Please refer to the relevant PDS for full details of cover terms and conditions.
Yes. You’re covered worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
When you apply for cover you’ll be asked to nominate a beneficiary or beneficiaries to receive the Benefit Amount in the event of your death. Terms and conditions apply to the nomination of beneficiaries. Please refer to the relevant PDS for full details.
From time to time your protection needs or budget may change. You can increase your cover level (up to the maximum benefit level), decrease your cover level (to the minimum benefit level), or add additional family members to your Policy. You’ll need to complete a new application for the increased cover amount.

Any increased, new, or decreased cover will commence when you receive notification, in the form of an updated Policy Schedule.
Depending upon the cover you select, your premium will be determined by the Benefit Amount you choose (premiums increase as your level of cover increases), the type of cover you choose (family cover attracts higher premiums than single cover), and with regard to Funeral Protection, your age (premiums are generally lower for younger ages).
Your premium will be increased each year at your Policy Anniversary to reflect any inflation-proofing increases in the Benefit Amount. To assist you in maintaining the real value of your insurance protection, your benefit level will be increased by 5% on each Policy Anniversary, either before you reach age 70 or 80, depending upon the cover you select. You can choose not to accept an inflation-proofing increase by advising We Protect in writing at PO Box 1192 Chatswood NSW 2057. You’ll be sent a replacement Policy Schedule.

Premium rates are not guaranteed and we may change the amount we charge for your cover under your Policy at any time, however only if we change the premium rate applying to all We Protect Policy Owners or all We Protect Policy Owners in the same product group. If we make a change to your premium rate we’ll send you written notification at least 90 days prior to the effective date of the change.
You have 30 days from the Commencement Date of your Policy (your “cooling-off” period) to decide if the cover meets your protection needs and to decide whether you want to keep your Policy. You can cancel your Policy during this time, if you have not made, and are not intending to make, a claim under the Policy, and receive a full refund of premiums paid.
You can cancel your Policy at any time. You’ll need to provide 30 days notice and notify We Protect in writing, requesting your Policy to be cancelled. Write to We Protect at PO Box 1192 Chatswood NSW 2057.

It’s important you consider your protection needs before you do this, as you’ll need to reapply for cover if you change your mind at a later date.
We can cancel your Policy if you don’t pay your premium when it’s due and it remains unpaid for more than one month. In this event, we’ll notify you in writing of our intention to cancel and give you the opportunity to rectify this situation.
Your premium includes amounts for stamp duty and any other taxes that may be imposed by State or Federal Governments. In the event any of these amounts are altered, we reserve the right to alter your premium amount to reflect this, and will advise you of such in writing.

GST is not charged on your premiums. Generally no tax is payable on benefits paid under this Policy and your premiums will not be tax deductible. Any tax information given is of a general nature only and is based on current tax laws and our interpretation of them. We recommend you consult a professional taxation adviser for information on your own tax situation, or if you’re purchasing this cover for business purchases.
We Protect has partnered with Hannover which is the insurer and issuer of We Protect insurance products. Hannover is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hannover Re Group worldwide, one of the largest life reinsurers in the world.

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We Protect products are issued by Hannover Life Re of Australasia Ltd ABN 37 062 395 484 and are distributed and promoted by We Protect which is a trading name of Select AFSL Pty Limited ABN 34 151 931 618, Australian Financial Services Licence 408647 of PO Box 1192, Chatswood NSW 2057. This website provides general product information only. Please refer to the relevant Product Disclosure Statement before you decide to take out a We Protect product.